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  • TICKETS: There are several ways for fans to pick up tickets to Lobo Football. Season ticket plans are sold through September 9, 2023, and those can be purchased online HERE. Lobo fans can purchase single game tickets as well online, and those are available HERE. Fans can also visit the Lobo Ticket Office at University Stadium, or in the Lobo Ticket Office at the Bookstore. The Lobo Ticket Office at The Pit is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm, and also four hours prior to kickoff on game days. The Lobo Ticket Office at the Bookstore is open 10 am to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday.
  • WILL CALL: The Will Call Window in the Northeast corner of University Stadium opens three hours prior to kickoff.
  • GAME DAY SALE: can be purchased at the Northeast and Northwest ticket offices at University Stadium three hours before kickoff, near gates 4 and 7, located off Avenida Cesar Chavez. Tickets can be purchased via the mobile links above on game day as well.
  • GATES OPEN: Gates open for the public 90 minutes prior to scheduled kickoff as well as for premium seating areas and ticket holders.
  • STUDENT TICKETS: can be claimed for the entire season in a new format and students can pick up their tickets with their Lobo ID right here.
    • For questions or assistance in University Stadium, please visit Guest Relations/Command Post, located on the Northeast corner of the stadium.
  • Alcohol and Beverage Policies
  • Clear Bag Policy
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Clear Bag Policy

The Clear Bag Policy for University Stadium is located here.





For a complete list of dos and don’ts for University Stadium, visit this page.





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University Stadium Policies

University Stadium Policies

What types of things are not allowed into University Stadium?

Fans are encouraged to bring ONLY necessary items to football games at University Stadium. For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, we request that you assist us by leaving prohibited items at home or in your vehicle. We regret that we are unable to provide storage for any of these items.

The following items will not be allowed into any UNM Athletic Department Venue:

  • food of any kind (a closed, unopened bottle of water is permitted. We no longer permit empty nalgene water bottles)
  • cans
  • glass bottles
  • alcohol
  • baby seats
  • balloons
  • beach balls
  • coolers
  • explosives
  • umbrellas
  • fireworks
  • folding chairs
  • illegal drugs
  • laser pointers
  • artificial noisemakers such as horns, drums, bells, whistles, etc. per Mountain West rules
  • pets (except service animals assisting those with disabilities)
  • weapons of any kind
  • any other item that in the judgment of game management staff poses a safety hazard or detracts from the ability of others to enjoy the event. Prohibited items must be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded. Any unlawful items are subject to confiscation, and the person in possession of such items is subject to ejection from the stadium and /or arrest.

Can I bring a banner or sign for my favorite player?

Banners and signs are allowed inside University Stadium provided they are of reasonable size (as determined by event staff) and contain no advertising, offensive material or language. Signs cannot obstruct the view of other patrons during the game or they will be confiscated.

Can I bring a handbag or pocketbook into University Stadium?

UNM has established a clear bag policy as of August, 2021, and fans can click for more information.

Can I take pictures at the game?

Still frame cameras are permitted inside the stadium, however, video cameras are not.

Can I bring in my own chairback seat into University Stadium?

Yes, fans wishing to bring a chairback seat can do so, but they must have the seat checked at the entrance. Chairback seats larger than 11 x 18 are not permitted into University Stadium.

Fans wishing to rent a chair back seat can do so on the concourse at a cost of $5 per game. All proceeds go to the UNM baseball program and UNM spirit program.

Is there an elevator at University Stadium?

Yes, there are two elevators on the west side of University Stadium near gate 3.

Can I go on the field prior to the game or after?

Only team personnel, media and credentialed event management staff are authorized to be on the field before or during the game. Anyone going onto the field without proper authorization is subject to expulsion from the stadium and could face prosecution. This also applies to anyone throwing objects onto the field or in the stands.

What if I need first aid or the aid of the police for any reason?

Emergency assistance is available at the Command Post located on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium or by dialing 925-5506. Contact any usher or ticket taker wearing an Event Staff shirt, and they will be able to assist and get EMTs to respond. There is also a Police Command Post, which is located on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium near gate 5. First aid, lost and found and lost children are located here. The phone number is 925-5506.

What if I lose track of my children?

Parents and/or guardians with a lost child should contact the nearest law enforcement officer or event staff member. Lost children will be taken to the Command Post at the north end of the stadium near Gate 5.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Lost and Found is at the Command Post located on the concourse level at the north end of the stadium near gate 5 during games and can be contacted by dialing 925-5506. During the week call the UNM Police at 277-2241.

Can I bring my own food or drink into University Stadium?

Fans are not permitted to bring in any outside food or drinks, although a closed, unopened bottled water is permitted. Fans entering the stadium will be asked to finish, dispose of, or return items to their vehicle.

Exceptions will be made for the needs of babies/small children/elderly and fans with medical conditions.

What is the re-entry policy at University Stadium?

Re-entry is not permitted at University Stadium. If you need to re-enter, please go to the Customer Service Tent located near the Command Post near Gate 5. The Customer Service representative will make the decision if you’re able to re-enter. Emergencies will be the only purpose.

Can I campaign for political office at University Stadium?

It is the policy of the UNM Athletics Department that, in accordance with UAP 2060, political campaigning at UNM athletics events is prohibited inside UNM athletics facilities; on adjacent parking lots; at entrances to or exits from athletics facilities; and other such controlled spaces.

Can I bring a stroller into University Stadium?

Strollers are permitted but must be collapsible and fit under your seat.

Is University Stadium wheelchair accessible?

There are nearly 200 wheelchair spaces in University Stadium. They are located on the upper west concourse level, the east mid-concourse level and at the north end. Wheelchair spaces on the west side of the stadium can be reached by the elevator on the west side of the press box. Spaces on the north side are on ground level. Tickets are available by contacting the ticket office at 925-5626.

Can I smoke at University Stadium?

There is no smoking allowed in University Stadium. The entire UNM campus is smoke free.

Can I legally have an alcoholic beverage at University Stadium?

Individuals of legal drinking age – 21 or older – who have a ticket to the game that day may consume alcoholic beverages in the parking lots in accordance with University policy. Consumption of alcohol by minors is illegal. In addition, it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. The following additional rules apply to alcoholic beverages at University Stadium.

  • No glass bottles are permitted.
  • No common source alcohol is permitted, including party balls or kegs.
  • No alcohol, outside food or drink may be brought into the stadium.

Fan safety is the University’s top priority, and in conjunction with Levy Restaurants, UNM Police and the UNM Campus Office for Substance Abuse, UNM Athletics has developed several procedures to ensure responsible consumption, including:

  1. Those of legal age will need to stop by an ID check location. ID check locations will be located near gates 1, 4, 8 and 9. At this time, a legal and accepted form of I.D. must be shown to receive wrist band. Gates open 90 minutes before the game. Only guests with wristbands will have the opportunity to purchase alcoholic beverages.
  2. Beer and wine will be available at concessions stands. At the time of purchase, guest will show both the wrist band and a legal and accepted form of I.D. to ensure all guests are of legal age to complete purchase.
  3. Each time a Lobo fan purchases an alcoholic beverage, we will mark the wrist band.
  4. Beer and wine sales will stop immediately at the end of the third quarter at every Lobo football game although UNM reserves the right to change the policy on cutoff times depending on kick times, and will communicate that to guests.

Levy Restaurants is in good standing with the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, and is committed to responsible alcohol service locally and nationally at over 100 sports and entertainment venues. The team will be utilizing state approved training providers such as WayToServe to ensure all staff adhere to responsible alcohol service policies and procedures.

In addition to increased signage around University Stadium, UNM Athletics will encourages responsible drinking and driving via:

  1. Join UNM Athletics and ENDWI in the fight to end drinking and driving. Be a designated driver and sign up at the ENDWI booth upon arrival at University Stadium. Fans who check in at the ENDWI booth upon arrival at the football game will receive a Pepsi beverage at no charge for designated drivers. Download the ENDWI app on your mobile device.
  2. Bernalillo County Tavern Taxi Program. The Tavern Taxi Program provides a safe ride home to individuals from local bars/restaurants in the Bernalillo County area from 10p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights at no charge.
  3. In addition, fans can always utilize ride-sharing services such as Uber. UNM has established a pick up and drop off zone in Lot A of Isotopes Park, which is located on the First Base Side, off of Avenida César Chávez.
  4. UNM Designated Lobos is a program for students that provides rewards (movie tickets, gift cards, etc.) to students who are willing to be the “DD” when they socialize with friends. UNM students can sign up at the Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention- COSAP at 277-2795.

The University of New Mexico Athletics Department reminds all fans to not drink and drive. Please choose a designated driver before you consume any alcoholic beverage.

What if I need assistance inside of University Stadium?

Event staff is located around the concourse and fans can request assistance or ask questions. If necessary, event staff can quickly dispatch safety/security, medical or guest services staff to the appropriate location.

Parking & Transportation

  • Directions
    • From the North, travel south on I-25 and exit at Avenida Cesar Chavez (Exit 222), and go left at the light. The stadium is at the intersection of Avenida Cesar Chavez and University Blvd.
    • From the South, travel north on I-25 and exit at Gibson (Exit 222) and bear right. You can make a left onto University (the first light) or travel a little further and make a left on Yale (the next light) in order to access Stadium East parking.
  • Gameday Parking
    • Here is the Overall Gameday Parking Map and this is the Single-Game Parking Map
    • Fans can purchase single-game parking in advance by visiting here.
    • Parking lots open six hours prior to game time.
    • Fans cannot make a left turn into the parking lots.  Lots are only accessible from a right-hand turn.
    • There are various parking lots around University Stadium. Several lots are pass lots for Lobo Club members, and there are several pay lots near the stadium as well. Visit the map to learn more about where to park.
    • For information on RV Parking, please click here.
  • Shuttle Services
    • There are several shuttle services available for fans and students: (Shuttle maps available here)
      • The T-Lot shuttle is a great alternative to stadium parking. Fans can park in T-Lot on the corner of University and Lomas and catch a shuttle straight to the front of the stadium, and back after the game. The service runs an hour before the game and up to an hour after the game. The cost for a round trip shuttle is $5 per person.
      • The student shuttle is a free shuttle service that picks up students at the following shuttle stops: President’s House, IT, Casa Del Rio/Coronado, Redondo, Yale Mall and Buena Vista. The shuttle service is free for all students and runs an hour before the game and up to an hour after the game. Students must show ID to access the free shuttle.




































Student Parking Information

The following information is for all UNM students who pay the Athletics Student Fee.  Please visit this page for more information to see if you pay the Athletics Student Fee and the benefits of that fee.











Tailgating Information


UNM encourages its fans to tailgate in a responsible manner, to be respectful of the campus of other Lobo fans and fans from visiting schools. Help us keep our campus clean by bagging your trash and using recycling containers. For the safety and enjoyment of all fans, please follow these guidelines when tailgating at UNM football games. Tailgating Setup is allowed six hours prior to kickoff. With exception to the NMSU game where ONLY the Stadium East lot will be open eight hours prior to kickoff, with all other lots open six hours prior. Tailgate setups are subject to removal for violation of tailgating policies.

The official UNM Student tailgate is located in between the Howl Zone and the Stadium East lot, near the Gate 9 entrance by the Southeast corner of University Stadium.

Tailgating Policies

• Charcoals and other items must be disposed of properly. Please do not place or dump charcoals or other flammables in trash cans, under trees, near vehicles, or leave unattended in the parking lots.
•All grills must be attended to with extinguishers on hand.

Food Sales/Vendors
• No food sales or vendors are allowed on campus without approval of UNM Athletics and its concessionaire. Companies and individuals may not issue samples or products without being properly licensed by the University.

• No gas powered generators.
• No loud or harmful electric generators.

• No food sales.
• No motorized vehicles such as golf carts, mopeds, scooters, ATVs, hover boards, etc.
• No drones or remote controlled aircrafts.
• No UNM utility usage.
• No fencing for personal tailgates, moving of UNM fencing is forbidden.
• No personal port-o-lets.

• Tailgate set up may not overflow into spots next to or behind spot used

Ex: Chairs, Pop-ups, Grills, Games like Cornhole must be confined to one spot.

  • Stay within your allotted spot (one spot per parking pass / transaction)

If you would like to use additional space, additional spots must be purchased.

• Pick up trash and recycle
• Stay within your allotted spot

RV’s / Overnight Parking
• Overnight parking is only allowed in RV lots, those lots will open at 12:00 pm the day prior. TLC Lots for season pass holders and Pit West for single games.

Safety and Security
• It is the responsibility of each tailgate party to secure tailgate items prior to entering the stadium. Tailgaters should lock food, beverages and valuables out of sight in vehicles; extinguish all fires or flames; unplug electrical outlets; secure barbecue pits, chairs, and ice chests; and store beverages in locked containers. UNM Athletics is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• No tents larger than 10’x10’
• No corporate logos or advertising
• No staking
•Tents must be weighted down and secure in case of strong gusts of wind.
• Setup starts six hours before home games with exception to Stadium East for the New Mexico State game only, which will open eight hours prior.

Howl Zone Information


The Albertson’s Market Howl Zone is a fun, family-friendly free tailgating area that is open for all prior to Lobo Football Home Games.  Located next to the Stadium East Parking Lot just outside of the Gate 5 entrance (the Northeast corner of University Stadium), the Albertson’s Market Howl Zone opens 3 1/2 hours prior to kickoff, and it closes 30 minutes before kick.  It’s a great place to catch the Lobo Walk, which is the team’s arrival at the stadium, which is generally 2 1/2 hours before the game.

Bubba’s will have food and alcohol for purchase and Albertsons will hand out free samples each week.  There will be inflatables for kids, the National Guard will have games and inflatables, fans can get posters and gameday information at Lobo Headquarters, and the Lobo Den Store will be selling merchandise.  The Albertson’s Market Howl Zone is a great way to get ready for the game and have fun with other fans and families!


















Will Call Information

The will call offices and player pass gates are located at Gate 7 (player pass will call) and Gate 8 (public will call) in the Northeast Corner of University Stadium. Will call windows are open three hours prior to kickoff and remain open through halftime while the player pass list gate opens 90 minutes prior to kickoff and it closes at halftime. Fans must present a photo ID to pick up tickets. Tickets must be left under the name of the person who will pick them up.

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