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Alma Mater

The Alma Mater

The Alma Mater (in Latin means “Nourishing” or “Dear Mother”) was a source of contention at UNM in 1947. The original Alma Mater was set to the tune of “AnnieLyle,” which was an unpopular tune with the student body for a long period of time.

The student body voted in a general election to change the Alma Mater and found Glee Club Director Craig Summers to oblige. Actually Mr. Summers and his father wrote the present Alma Mater three years before and called it “The New Mexico Hymn.”

New Mexico, New Mexico
We sing to honor thee.
This golden haze of college days
Will live in memory.
This praise we sing will ever ring
With truth and loyalty
New Mexico, your fame we know
Will last eternally.