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Basketball Gameday

At the Game
  • TICKETS: There are several ways for fans to pick up tickets to Lobo Basketball. Season ticket plans are sold online here for men’s basketball and here for women’s basketball. Lobo fans can purchase single game tickets as well online, and those are available here for men’s basketball and here for women’s basketball.  Fans can also visit the Lobo Ticket Office at University Stadium, or in the Lobo Ticket Office at the Bookstore. The Lobo Ticket Office at The Pit is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., and also one hour prior to tip on weekends.
  • WILL CALL: The Will Call Window located at the Main Ticket Windows of The Pit opens one hour prior to tip for women’s games and 90 minutes before tip for men’s games.
  • GAME DAY SALE: can be purchased online ( or at the ticket windows at The Pit starting one hour prior to
  • tip for women’s games and 90 minutes before tip for men’s games.
  • GATES OPEN: Gates open for the public as well as for premium seating areas and ticket holders one hour prior to tip for women’s games and 90 minutes before tip for men’s games .
  • STUDENT TICKETS: can be claimed for the entire season in a new format and students can pick up their tickets with their Lobo ID right here.
    • For questions or assistance at The Pit, please visit Guest Relations located near the Ticket Office. Fans at the game can contact UNM guest services with emergencies by texting (505) 396-2866 (which is 505-396-2UNM).  Text rate may apply.
  • Alcohol and Beverage Policies
  • Clear Bag Policy
Arena Map

Here is the 3D seating map and ticket prices for men’s basketball: 3D Seating Map

Here is the 3D seating map and ticket prices for women’s basketball: 3D Seating Map


Please note the above maps show season ticket prices.  Single-game pricing in the main seating bowl range from $15-$55 for men’s basketball to $8-$15 for women’s basketball.

Metal Detectors









Fans will have to pass through metal detectors to enter into The Pit.  Please review the instructions above and allow yourself a few extra minutes for entry.  Information on the new safety measures are located here.

Clear Bag Policy

The Clear Bag Policy for The Pit is located here.







The Pit Policies & Prohibited Items

Artificial noisemakers are prohibited in The Pit. Anyone found violating this policy is subject to ejection and item is subject to confiscation.

Banners may NOT be hung and poles may NOT be brought into The Pit unless approved by UNM Athletic Administration. Documentation of the approved request must be shown.

Cameras are permitted in The Pit for both fans and working news media. All photos taken in The Pit must be for editorial or personal use only and may not be used for advertising, promotions or any other commercial or promotional endeavor, without the permission of UNM. Camera bags are NOT permitted. (See Clear Bag Policy below)

UNM recommends fans only bring what is necessary with you to UNM Athletics venues such as phones, wallets, credit cards and car keys. Only CLEAR tote bags smaller than 12” x 6” x 12” will be allowed into The Pit and all other UNM Athletics venues. One-gallon clear plastic bags and/or small handheld clutch purses, not larger than 4.5” x 6.5”, will also be allowed to enter. All backpacks, regardless of size, are prohibited. Exceptions will only be made for those with approved medical needs. All bags are subject to search and inspection.  Please visit the full Clear Bag Policy here.


Only patrons possessing an unscanned, new ticket will be allowed into the Pit.  All patrons must enter the Pit through one of the several public access points on the Concourse level, and must comply with all verbal and written directions of Event Management staff.

Fans may not enter The Pit through the Mid-Ramp entrance.  Only staff, players, game officials and credentialed media may enter through the Mid-Ramp entrance.


Only team personnel, media, credentialed event management staff and fans being presented for on-court presentations (with a credentialed staff member) are authorized to be on the court, including the SE team access ramp and the SE team elevators, before, during or after the game. Anyone going onto the court or ramp without proper authorization is subject to expulsion from the arena and could face prosecution. This also applies to anyone throwing objects onto the court or in the stands.  Ramp and team elevator usage is prohibited.  Fans can only use the elevators to go between the main level and the suite level.

One 32 ounce or smaller, factory sealed water bottle will be allowed in The Pit.  However, food and other containers of any kind such as coolers, ice chests, bottles, cans, cups, flasks, etc. are not permitted.  If you have a medical need for any of these items, please contact UNM Event Staff prior to arriving at the Pit.

Anyone leaving the stadium must have an unscanned, new ticket to return to the stadium. Once a ticket has been scanned, it may not be used again for re-entry, unless otherwise directed by UNM Event Management (or gameday officials) in emergencies.

All of UNM’s athletic facilities are tobacco free. This prohibition applies to all individuals while on the UNM Campus, including faculty, staff, students, administrators, contractors, and visitors. The use of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, snuff, pipes, and chewing tobacco are not permitted.

Any stadium seat measuring 16 inches wide or less will fit into any seat in The Pit. Only stadium seat cushions with no pockets or compartments will be admitted. (See Clear Bag Policy) Please be considerate of those sitting around you and please be aware that some seats sold by local vendors with UNM logos may be too large for use at The Pit.

With heightened security now a way of life, UNM will do everything possible to provide a safe and secure environment for its fans. Please be cooperative with stadium officials and law enforcement agencies during your visit to The Pit. Should you or another guest need immediate assistance, please notify the nearest police officer or event staff personnel. If you see something, say something.

UNM encourages fans to be courteous of other fans in choosing to stand during games. Spontaneous reaction to plays or significant events is expected and encouraged. Continued standing during game action when other fans are sitting is discouraged and will be addressed by UNM Event Staff if complaints from other fans are reasonable and continuous. Please be respectful of those around you so all fans may enjoy the game.

The tradition at The Pit is that at men’s games, fans stand until both teams have scored, and fans do this at the beginning of each half.  At women’s games, the tradition is for fans to stand until UNM scores in the first half, and then again in the second half until UNM scores again.

The throwing of objects from the stands is strictly prohibited and is cause for immediate ejection. Thrown objects can cause serious injury. UNM takes very seriously the safety of fans, coaches, athletes and officials. UNM will act promptly if the safety of any individual is in jeopardy. Any fan/spectator ejected for throwing objects or unauthorized access may be subject to additional penalties and possible loss of future ticket privileges.

All persons, regardless of age, must present a ticket for admission to The Pit. This policy is for the convenience and safety of all UNM ticket holders. Even the smallest of UNM fans sitting on their parents’ lap can be an inconvenience to the fan sitting in the next seat and a safety risk for the child.  Please note that most of the Pit’s seating requires fans to descend and climb stairs.  If you are not able to climb or descend stairs, please contact the UNM ticketing office forPolicies ADA-compliant seating options.

Video cameras are not permitted in The Pit except for the working news media. Video images taken in The Pit must be for personal use only and may not be used for advertising, promotions or other trade purposes, or any other commercial or promotional endeavor, without the permission of UNM.

Weapons of any kind are illegal to have on UNM’s campus and are strictly prohibited on the grounds of The Pit.


Parking & Transportation
  • Directions
    • From the North, travel south on I-15 and exit at Avenida Cesar Chavez (Exit 222), and go left at the light. The stadium is at the intersection of Avenida Cesar Chavez and University Blvd.
    • From the South, travel north on I-15 and exit at Gibson (Exit 222) and bear right. You can make a left onto University (the first light) or travel a little further and make a left on Yale (the next light) in order to access Stadium East parking.
  • Gameday Parking
    • Gameday Parking Maps: Men’s Basketball | Women’s Basketball
    • Parking lots open two hours prior to game time.
    • There are various parking lots around University Stadium. Several lots are pass lots for Lobo Club members, and there are several pay lots near the arena as well. Visit the map to learn more about where to park.
Will Call Information

The will call offices and player pass gates are located in the Main Ticket Offices located in The Pit (the Northeast corner which is the main entrance to the building). Will call windows for fans and player pass lists are open one hour prior to tip and remain open through halftime. Fans must present a photo ID to pick up tickets. Tickets must be left under the name of the person who will pick them up.

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