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Fight Song

The UNM Fight Song

The UNM fight Song was written in 1930. The music to the Fight Song was written by Dean Lena Clauve, who served the University for 32 years as a professor of music education and as the Dean of Women. Dr. George St. Clair, professor in the English Department, wrote the lyrics.

The Fight Song was originated as a closing number to the faculty variety show sponsored by the UNM Faculty Club in Carlisle Gym in order to raise money to cancel a sizable debt incurred in publishing the 1930-31 “Mirage” (yearbook). It was reported that enough money was raised to cancel the debt and that the “high class entertainment was table conversation throughout Albuquerque for weeks afterward.”

Hail to thee, New Mexico,
Thy loyal sons are we.
Marching down the field we go,
Fighting for thee.
Now we pledge our faith to thee,
Never shall we fail.
Fighting ever, yielding never.