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Sustainability Efforts

Lobo Athletics is proud to support the University of New Mexico’s core value in sustainability. The Athletic Department acts in accordance with University Policy 2100 in Sustainability and Policy 5100 in Energy Management and is actively searching for additional sustainable-practices to incorporate into daily operations. Below is a list of milestones and sustainability efforts that have been coordinated by Lobo Athletics.

-Athletics strictly follows Policy 5100 of the UNM energy guidelines

-Temperature setbacks implemented with heating and cooling systems when facilities are unoccupied

-10 Percent Usage Avoidance in Electric and Gas since 2008

2) Participants in the Recycling Program

3) New High Efficient Lights on Baseball Field

4) Football Field – Grass to Turf

-Saves water

-Reduces maintenance expenses

5) Building Management Systems

-Building management systems are used to have better control over mechanical systems and help track mechanical issues in the facilities.

6) Alternative Transportation

-UNM has busses that pick up students and other types of fans from the main campus, and takes them to the football stadium. This helps reduce the amount of Cars being driven to the stadium.

7) Bike Racks at The Pit

-Riding bicycles to the stadium on game days is always encouraged by the Athletic Department

8) GREEN Sponsored events

9) The Pit is LEED Silver Certified

Hey Lobo fans, below are some simple ways you can be more sustainable in the UNM Community:

*Turn off lights when you leave any unoccupied room and maximize natural lighting where possible. Bring a sweater and dress in layers to keep heating and cooling costs down – open and close blinds to control room temperatures.

*Turn off all computers, monitors, printers and other electrical equipment when you leave work.

*Optimize the energy settings for your computer and peripherals so you can conserve energy while they are in use.

*Reuse materials where possible and get unused office supplies from ROSE (reusable office supplies and equipment) in BMSB, room B-55 (call 272-4900 for info) – donate your unused supplies here rather than throwing them away. UNM Surplus has furniture and other office equipment for sale at VERY reasonable prices: here to visit University Surplus.

*Recycle your toner cartridges through UNM Recycling and buy remanufactured toner cartridges from local companies for printers, copiers and fax machines; set your printers to duplex and print only when necessary. Opt out of unwanted campus bulk mailings.

*Check the UNM Recycling website to find out all the many items you can recycle.