Open Announce

Fear the Fang Student BBQ To Take Place Saturday, 8/20

by Frank Mercogliano

Lobo Football has six home games, three in September to open the season, and head coach Danny Gonzales wants the students to be a force at Lobo Football. But he’s not just asking, he’s putting them front and center with a big thank you before the first game ever happens.

The “Fear The Fang” Lobo Student BBQ will take place on Saturday afternoon at University Stadium where Lobo students can come to the stadium, meet the coach and team and get some great free food!

The event starts at 3:30 pm where the team and Danny Gonzales will take students onto the University Stadium turf and run a few drills.  Following the football, Coach Gonzales and the team will be handing out free shirts for the students, and taking them to the North Concourse for the “Fear The Fang” BBQ.

Students can park in the Stadium East parking lot in the farthest south sectionand parking will be free with their student ID.

“I’m so excited to host our students and show them what Lobo Football is all about,” said Gonzales.  “I remember being a kid coming to Lobo games, and then when I was a student-athlete in the Anderson Business School, being able to have fellow students here was always special. It makes for a great atmosphere, so I want our students to know how important they are to our program.”

If anyone were to doubt the sincerity of Gonzales, the Cherry & Silver Scholarship Gala is the same night as the Fear the Fang BBQ, but Gonzales will be late to the booster function.  “We need our students to come out and support, so I’m making sure I’m here with them.  I can be late to the Gala, because this is really important to me.”

For more information on the Fear The Fang BBQ, students can email Seth Cook at