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Night of Champions Takes Place Monday, May 2

by Frank Mercogliano

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Night of Champions. which returned in 2021 after a 13-year hiatus, is back once again as head coach Danny Gonzales’ squad will put their best to the test in a strength competition as 18 student-athletes will give it their best in three disciplines.

Night of Champions will take place inside the Tow Diehm Weight Room on Monday, May 2 starting at 6 pm.  Bleachers will be brought in for fans to root on the players.  Last year due to COVID, Night of Champions was held inside University Stadium.

Eight players will participate in the Clean, with Bobby Wooden and Cody Moon starting at 275 pounds, OJ Bartley and Jerrick Reed II starting at 295 and Dennis Hayden, Dion Hunter, Luke Wysong and Reco Hannah starting at 315. Reed last year started at 285 and maxxed at 325 pounds.

Five players each will participate in the bench and the squat. On the bench will be Shancco Matautia at 370 pounds, Vincent Santos and Jer’Marques Bailey at 380 pounds, Zach Doyle at 400 pounds and Alec Morenco at 415 pounds.  None of the five were in the bench competition last year.

In the squat, Ian Shewell will start at 515 pounds, Chad Alexander at 525 pounds, CJ James at 545, Bryce Santana at 590 and Adam Gay at 595.  Last year both Gay and Santana starred in the squat.  Both led the team maxing out at 565 pounds, with Adam starting at 510 and Santana at 475.  Chad Alexander in the squat last year started at 425 and eventually squatted 550 pounds.