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Spring Game Wrap-Up

by Frank Mercogliano

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — That UNM’s Spring Game ended with a score of 10-7 was of little consequence to anyone involved on the Lobo Coaching Staff, because Saturday’s annual Spring Game wasn’t really about the score.  No, it was more about the culmination of a very early spring season in order to maximize some timing left in the semester.

“We got better,” said Gonzales, who admitted that “Today, the defense probably had the upper hand a little, but last Saturday was the complete opposite, so that’s both good and bad.”

Offensively, the good was headlined by Bobby Wooden, who caught a touchdown pass for Cherry, and then ran in a late score with 2:55 to go in the game to give Silver a 10-7 win.  That came on the heels of a long 70+ pass play from C.J. Montes to Luke Wysong.  Other than that, UNM’s defense was stout on the day, and that certainly made Gonzales happy.

“I think we have a chance to be pretty good on defense.  We aren’t at a phase we are going to be dominant, but we can be pretty good,” he said.

The spring was UNM’s earliest on record, and that was by design, even if the Spring Game ended up going again a Lobo Baseball and a pretty full house across the street at The Pit.  The decision was made before the Christmas Break to have Spring Camp early.  One, it would allow for the entirety of Spring Camp to take place prior to the team leaving for Spring Break, which UNM is now officially on.  The second, is because Gonzales wants to maximize his teams’ time in the weight room, to get them bigger, strong and faster.  “I just told them at the end there,” said Gonzales, “that the most important part of our program is about to happen when they get in the weight room.  Coach Baker has done a great job in a short time but he is going to try to break them off and we will see what happens.  We need to be the strongest team in the conference.”

If you think Gonzales is kidding, he reiterated it for everyone.  “The most important time in our program is the next 17 weeks.  Seven weeks of training, three off, and then seven more weeks and then it’s time for camp.  September is going to be here quick.”

September is going to be here quick, as the opener against Maine on September 3 is just 175 days away.

NOTE: Attendance was unofficially marked at over 700 … the game was played with no P.A. and no video on the replay board as the current system (which is being upgraded in the near future) doesn’t allow for simultaneous events on the video boards of The Pit and University Stadium … Danny Gonzales held out Nate Jones to allow other running backs to get carries “Nate did a great job in Tuesday’s scrimmage, so I wanted the other guys to carry the ball.  I know what Nate can do, and most importantly, I’m proud of what he has done off the field.”