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Spring Game Info for Fans - Streaming/Audio/Tailgate & Stadium Rules

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The weather should be perfect for Saturday’s Spring Game with an afternoon high of 82 degrees, and 72 degrees and sunny at kickoff.  For fans coming to the Spring Game, here is everything you need to know to enjoy the game, and we ask that you abide by the following COVID safe practices to continue to keep yourselves and New Mexico safe as we hit the homestretch of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCORING — The game will have traditional scoring, with the No. 1 offense going against the No. 1 defense, and the No. 2 offense going against the No. 2 defense, with each offense represented on the scoreboard with Cherry or Silver on the scoreboard.  The game will have four 15 minute quarters, although the game clock will run for the first 12 minutes, except for changes of possession.  The final three minutes of each quarter will utilize normal timing rules.

TAILGATING – Fans are permitted to tailgate prior to the start of the Spring Game, but fans should only tailgate with their own families.  Fans should still limit the number of people within their tailgates as well, and fans should have a two-space buffer in the parking lot from other tailgaters.

SOCIAL DISTANCING – Fans are asked to be socially distant from other fans inside University Stadium that are not members of their families.  There is plenty of space inside the stadium to spread out and cheer the Lobos on while remaining socially distant.

MASKS – Fans must wear masks inside University Stadium during the Spring Game, with the lone exception of when you are eating or drinking.  In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that fans please mask up quickly after eating or drinking.

HAND WASHING/SANITIZER –There are sanitizing stations around University Stadium, fans are reminded to wash their hands and sanitize regularly, especially inside University Stadium.

INTERACTING WITH THE COACHES/PLAYERS – Due to COVID protocols, fans will not be allowed on the field prior to or after the game.

FOOD TRUCKS – Food trucks will be available inside the stadium for fans.  Food trucks include Paleta Bar, Pop-Pop’s Italian Ice and Desert Sky of the Fly

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