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Endowment Established for Future of Lobo Basketball

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The many valued donors of The University of New Mexico men’s basketball “6th Man Club” have long helped support Lobo basketball and its mission toward consistent athletic and academic success. Now, many of those donations will be able to benefit the program for years to come as the program has accepted the start of an endowment fund via a generous donation.

The new “Lobo for Life Men’s Basketball Operational Fund” is the first of its kind for UNM men’s basketball in the history of the program and will allow for support for the program in a diverse way. It is to be utilized for funding of Lobo basketball in addition to the allotted budget for capital expenses, operational costs as well as additional expenditures determined by the director of athletics and men’s basketball head coach for the betterment and enhancement of the men’s basketball program.

The endowment has been started by Lobo donor Brook Watson, who is a lifelong Lobo basketball fan and supporter. Currently a member of the Tom L. Popejoy Society, Champions Council, Diamond Lobo Club, 6th Man Club, First Team, Dugout Club and a Lobo football and basketball season ticket holder.

"My goal in establishing this fund is to help the Lobo men's basketball team become financially competitive to the national landscape in perpetuity," Watson said.

"By establishing this fund, I hope other lifelong Lobo fans will consider donating so that this fund can grow and create a competitive financial edge to help establish and sustain Lobo men's basketball as a top college athletic program."

Watson has spent the last 20 years guiding commercial and government entities in the adoption of security technologies as a cyber security thought leader. He co-founded ThetaPoint, Inc., a leading provider of strategic consulting and managed security engineering services, and currently serves as its CEO.

"It has been an unbelievable pleasure to meet and get to know Brook and his family, especially over the course of the past year," head coach Paul Weir said.

"His kindness is abundant not only with this gift, but in other areas of his life as well. Starting an endowment is something we have been working with Lobo Club on since I got here."

Donors of a certain level to the new “Lobo for Life Men’s Basketball Operational Fund” will become, if they are not already, members of the Lobo “6th Man Club” and enjoy access to special “6th Man Club” events, behind-the-scenes activities with the team and coaching staff and more!

"Though this will take time, it is potentially one of the greatest days in Lobo basketball history," Weir said. "To be able to set up a support system for generations of this special program is an honor and we will do everything we can to propel its success."

"I do not expect change to happen overnight," Watson added. "The goal and hope is that in 20 years, this endowment will create stability in the men's basketball budget and allow UNM to build/sustain a basketball program at Power-5 financial levels."

For more information about the “Lobo for Life Men’s Basketball Operational Fund,” contact Jalen Dominguez, Senior Associate Athletic Director and Executive Director of the Lobo Club via email at or by phone at 505-925-5014.