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Student Support Services


The Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success, in conjunction with the University of New Mexico, provides support services for prospective, current, as well as former student-athletes in an effort to increase academic and personal success. Student athletes are encouraged to develop personal responsibility, intelligent decision making, and leadership skills through the provision of educational experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. The Lobo Center also celebrates the academic and civic achievements by our student-athletes.

Services Offered

Study Hall

The study halls are sport specific and designed to accommodate each athletic team in a structured and professional academic setting. The atmosphere is intended to foster an environment that is conducive to learning and group facilitation.

Each team study hall is staffed and monitored by at least one study hall monitor. The study hall monitors are proficient in a myriad of subjects and provide assistance to the student-athletes when needed


Athletic Computer Labs

The athletic computer lab is an academic aid to student-athletes, and its primary purpose is to facilitate the scholastic pursuits of student athletes at the University of New Mexico.


Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are available to all student-athletes on a first come, first serve basis. The laptops are for student-athletes to use when they are on the road traveling for competition.


Learning Disabilities Support Learning Strategist

The Center also has an in-house Learning Strategist devoted to providing support to student-athletes who have been diagnosed with a learning disability as well as those who need additional instruction in specific content areas and general study skills. The Learning Strategist also provides workshops that address study skills and time management. Individual appointments can be made as needed as well as class specific reviews can be coordinated.


Books on Loan

A benefit of being a student-athlete on scholarship is an in-house bookroom where student-athletes can get their textbooks for their classes. Our bookroom administrator can look up student’s class schedules to determine the necessary textbooks, which eliminates the time-consuming tasks of going to the bookstore to research the books for each class and then standing in long lines to purchase them!


Academic Monitoring

Student-athlete progress is monitored by the Center. Three times a semester instructors will provide feedback on student-athletes academic progress. Progress forms are sent at the 4th, 8th, and 12th week during the academic semester. The information provided in these forms are forwarded to coaches and used to help student-athletes with their academic progression.


Academic Advisement

Each student-athlete at UNM is required to meet with their athletic academic advisor at least once a semester for class registration advisement. Once a major is declared, the student athlete is required to meet their assigned major advisor at least once per semester and then return a completed pre-enrollment form to their assigned athletic advisor. An athletic academic advisor is always available to answer any and all questions.

University 101

University 101 is a three (3) credit hour course that is designed to help freshmen student-athletes successfully transition into life and learning at the university. This course provides freshman student-athletes with a special orientation to the university community, the UNM athletics program, and the NCAA rules and regulations. Although the course does not fulfill core curriculum requirements, it is applicable towards elective credit. Furthermore, it is required for all incoming freshmen scholarship student-athletes.

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