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Joylynn Benefiel


Assistant Director of Student Success (FB/VB)



Joylynn Benefiel started as the assistant director of student success in January of 2021. In addition to advising volleyball, she heads a team of three working with the football team. Athletic Academic Advisors wear many hats, but principally, they monitor academic progress and grades, work with Compliance and the Registrar to review continuing eligibility, organize academic support such as study hall and tutoring, and advise their students on major options and the NCAA rules around academics.  Previous to joining the LCSAS staff, Joy worked in the athletic academic support unit at Colorado State University from August of 2009 to December of 2020. She has worked in several different roles including content tutor, academic mentor, tutor coordinator, and advisor.

Joy was born and raised in northern Colorado and earned both her bachelors in English Education and masters in adult education and training from Colorado State University.  When not at work, she enjoys reading and exploring new outdoors spaces with her dogs.

Favorite Quote: “Equal Rights for others, doesn’t mean less rights for you. It’s not pie” – unknown
Favorite Book: N/A – can’t narrow down to one favorite, likes a wide range of fiction & non-fiction genres
Favorite Class: Adolescent Literature
Favorite Professional Sports Team: N/A – prefers watching college sports