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Lobo Club Donor of the Game - Steven and Cathy Renfro

Lobo Club Donor of the Game – Steven and Cathy Renfro

After meeting at UNM and getting married at the UNM Alumni Chapel, Steven and Cathy Renfro continued their story at UNM by becoming a Lobo Club donor and supporting the next generation of Lobos.

How did you first get involved with the Lobo Club?
We are both loyal alumni and huge Lobo fans. It was a natural progression from incoming freshmen to dedicated alumni fans.

Tell us about yourself and your family.
We met at UNM in the SUB and were married on the grounds of the UNM Alumni Chapel. Our two adult children were born out of state but raised in New Mexico.

What do you love about New Mexico?
The people, the culture, and of course the best chile anywhere.

Why do you choose to support the Lobo Club?
Supporting our student-athletes is what it is all about. We enjoy going to the games and of course the Mountain West Tournament but the real reason we support the Lobo Club is to help provide scholarships and ultimately education for our UNM Lobos.

What motivates you to give to the Lobo Club?
We love watching our student-athletes grow from year to year and ultimately believe that our small contribution can make a difference.

What makes UNM Athletics so special to you?
As Lobos for life these are our teams.

Anything else you’d like to add about the Lobos or yourself.
We are absolutely honored to be included as donor of the game.