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Lobo Club Donor of the Game – Gerry Laidlaw

Lobo Club Donor of the Game – Gerry Laidlaw

After attending football and basketball games as a student at UNM, Gerry Laidlaw has supported the Lobos for 65 years and naturally transitioned to becoming a Lobo Club member.

Tells us about yourself and your family.
“I was born and raised on the island of Kauai right into WWII. During those days we always had soldiers in the living room, lying under palm trees in the yard, or sitting at our dinner table with us, as did many other local people. There was no other place to go on that small island. l came from Hawaii to New Mexico in 1956 to go to UNM.”

What do you love about New Mexico?
“I fell in love with the University, the state and the weather and stayed. Lobo Athletics was part of the package and I went to football games at Zimmerman Stadium, which is now covered with buildings, and basketball games at Carlisle Gym.”

How did you first get involved with the Lobo Club?
“I have continued to enjoy these sports for 65 years and becoming a member of the Lobo Club was a natural transition.”

Why do you choose to support the Lobo Club?
“I have always enjoyed people who are interesting and vibrant. Giving to Lobo Athletics and being a member of the Lobo Club is my way of staying connected with these people. Baseball is fun in the summer and football and basketball are the best shows in town for the winter.”

What makes UNM athletics so special to you?
“I hope the student-athletes all realize, win or lose, that they have already won the lottery just by being a student at UNM. Go Lobos. Woof Woof Woof.”