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Lobo Club Donor of the Game - Keith Wilson and Zanne Nelson

Lobo Club Donor of the Game – Keith Wilson and Zanne Nelson

A life-long New Mexican, Keith Wilson and his partner Zanne Nelson are continuing the tradition of supporting the Lobos through the Lobo Club.

How did you first get involved with the Lobo Club?
“I started attending Lobo events in the early 70s while attending UNM.  From those early years, my in-laws were great supporters of Lobo athletics and the Lobo Club.  Wanting to continue, the tradition I became personally involved with the Lobo Club in the late 80s.”

Tell us about yourself and your family.
“I’m a life-long resident of New Mexico with a great partner, Zanne.  We both are blessed with two kids each and three grandchildren altogether.  I own a mechanical contracting company and Zanne is an artist & sculptor.”

What do you love about New Mexico?
“It’s home.  We’ve traveled a lot of places but are always anxious to get back to NM.”

Why do you choose to support the Lobo Club?
“We’ve always felt that if we can contribute to the growth of young adults in preparing for the future, the world will be a better place.”

What motivates you to give to the Lobo Club?
“What we give comes back ten-fold to our community.”

What makes UNM Athletics so special to you?
“Even though we don’t know all of the players and coaches personally, we feel being part of the Lobo Club and attending the athletic events has allowed us to feel like we’re truly their Lobo teammates.”

Anything else you’d like to add about the Lobos or yourself.
“Keep doing what you’re doing to get through these unprecedented times….as this too will pass.”