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Get to Know Your Lobos: Vance Jackson

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Ever wish you could sit down with a Lobo men’s basketball coach or player, learn what makes him tick, what his favorite food is or if he has a secret hidden talent? Well here’s your chance! The UNM Athletic Department is rolling out a new men’s basketball series, Get to Know Your Lobos, where we ask your favorite Lobos questions just like that – and more! will be rolling through the men’s basketball roster throughout the off season, asking the really tough questions to your Lobos. Fans – feel free to chime in as well! Fans with questions can direct message @UNMLoboMBB on Twitter with questions for future player or coach interviews.

Our third installment of this special series is with redshirt-sophomore Vance Jackson. Jackson talks growing up in Pasadena, his love of soul food and Christmas burritos.

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Get to Know Your Lobos: Vance Jackson

QUESTION: Where are you from?
ANSWER: Pasadena, California

QUESTION: Tell us about Pasadena, California.
ANSWER: It’s in the middle of everything, so if you live in southern California you’re close to downtown L.A., you’re close to the valley, you’re close to Anaheim. It’s a laid back city but it does have its rough parts. The community is great and they all show support.

QUESTION: What is your favorite part about Pasadena, California?
ANSWER: Just going to the park, working out, having a little crowd watching you work out. I go to the park to work out with my dad, I work on things that I feel like I need to improve my game to help me get where I want to be in life.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite food?
ANSWER: Soul food – like candied yams (they’ve got ot be sugary), stuffing (like a sweet stuffing), ham, macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, sweet potato pie, apple dutch pie … mostly unhealthy food.

QUESTION: What is your favorite color?
ANSWER: Red – I’ve always liked red.

QUESTION: What is your major?
ANSWER: My major is communication with a minor in business.

QUESTION: What do you want to be when you grow up?
ANSWER: I want to play in the NBA. 

QUESTION: What if your future doesn’t involve basketball?
ANSWER: I want to do something involving owning a business, or acting, or other things that I feel like I would be good at. I like fashion and clothes – I feel like people’s swag needs to be helped in life and I feel like I can help them. *laughs*

QUESTION: Tell us about your family.
ANSWER: I have a mom and dad. My mom works for Kaiser but my dad doesn’t work. He sacrificed his job for me to play basketball and for my little sister to play volleyball. My little sister, Aluara, is 14, she’s just entered her first year of high school. I have one great grandma, lots of aunties and uncles and cousins. They all live in California. 

QUESTION: What was your favorite Christmas or birthday gift?
ANSWER: I feel like every birthday gift was my favorite because it’s the thought that counts. For Christmas, I don’t really have a particular gift that was my favorite but I feel like when I was six or seven I had like the best Christmas ever. 

QUESTION: Do you like red or green chile?
ANSWER: More green chile, but red is good. It just depends on what I’m eating. Sometimes I feel a little chile day and I’ll do both – Christmas. Usually on burritos, but it depends on the burrito. 

QUESTION: What is your favorite part about New Mexico?
ANSWER: Besides being in the gym – probably just getting to go somewhere, away from people, and have a big ‘ole view of the whole city of Albuquerque.

QUESTION: What is your favorite thing to do outside of basketball?
ANSWER: Fortnite. I also like to draw, meet new people and socialize.

QUESTION: What is something most people don’t know about you?
ANSWER: I’m a very good dude. In today’s society, people like to stereotype but when people get to know me, I’d probably change their perspective on what they think about me.

QUESTION: Do you have any special talents?
ANSWER: I can draw and dance – and I like to make people laugh too.
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