Open Announce

Lobo Football In the Community

Lobo Football has been very active in the community.  Lobo Football also is pretty quiet about it, not doing it for glory, or for recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do.  However, the team members did capture pictures and footage of many of the community service projects.  The squad was broken out into eight teams, with an assistant coach leading the way. The following videos were put together by the student-athletes themselves, showcasing one of the various service projects that they undertook, and they were made for their teammates to view.

These videos will be released after the 2018-19 Christmas Break.  We hope you enjoy these videos, made by the student-athletes themselves.

Team Baumgartner - Volunteering: Wings for Life & Desert Ridge Middle

Team Magee - Volunteering at YAFL

Team Clay Davie - Volunteering at West Side Animal Care Center

Team Eliano - Serving Meals in Albuquerque